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Traditional Charleston EntertainingCharlestonians are also known for their 'Joie De Vivre,' a French phrase meaning the light hearted enjoyment of life.

Whether your Charleston obsession was first inspired by Southern Living magazine or a walk down King Street, you’re likely aware of the Holy City’s world-renowned hospitality. Charlestonians are also known for their ‘Joie De Vivre,’ a French phrase meaning the light hearted enjoyment of life. Paige Crone, founder of Charleston Protocol Y’all, Tanya Gurrieri, owner…

Holiday Treats

It’s the holiday season…and we all know what that means. It’s a one speed full speed race to the top of the holiday baking hall of fame. We like to switch it up a bit- giving our family and friends the opportunity to take a break from a sugar cookie or a Russian tea cake. Check out…

Seasonal Gingerbread Recipe

Christmas is fast-approaching and holiday cookie quotas are closing in on us. Below is a great recipe featured in Local Palate Magazine (a wonderful local resource for all things culinary). It’s hard to go wrong with a classic gingerbread recipe at this time of year! Gingerbread Recipe Ingredients:Dough 3 cups flour 1 ½ teaspoons cinnamon…

Charleston Thanksgiving Recipe

It’s that time of the year again…the time where you mill over recipes day in and day out for the 3 hour feeding frenzy that takes place the third Thursday of November. We’ve been exchanging ideas around the office and this is one of Duvall’s favorites…Our head of sales Jean Fisk’s Pumpkin Cheesecake with Ginger…

About Duvall A Tradition of Excellence

Duvall Events has been hand selecting flowers, setting tables, sourcing locally, making delicious cuisine, crafting cocktails, setting lights, seamlessly designing, artfully entertaining, obsessively organizing and welcoming the magic of celebration since 1978.

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Skilled, energetic, highly organized lovers of great food, drink and celebration are always invited to our party.

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